Around the Sun Moon Lake in Fish Pond Village, Nan Tou County, there has been native Water Ripple Mountain Tea since ancient time. During Japanese occupation time Japanese had tried to plant Assam black tea in many places in Taiwan. Later, they found that the soil and the climate around Fish Pond Village, Nan Tou County was very similar to those of Assam. After a trail planting, they found the tea quality was excellent. During the period from post-stage of Japanese governance to the year 1961 or 1971, the black tea had became a special and important industry.

  The original intension that we set up Pai Yueh Enterprise was to assist tea farmers to solve their marketing problems. Over the past two and half years of operation, we strictly supervised and controlled the production, and persisted in presenting the highest quality to our customers. Thus, our products were publicly affirmed and backed up. Thus, the brand ˇ§forest black teaˇ¨ becomes strong gradually. In April weˇ¦ll return the marketing work to the marketing section. Let them manage the marketing themselves. It would be the best feedback to the tea farmers. As Pai Yueh Enterprise loves and promotes Taiwan native organic industry, we hope to continue our original intention of setting up this enterprise, and assist the tea farmers in Fish Pond Village who produce organic black tea, and help them to solve their hard marketing situation. Let Taiwan ˇ§small but prettyˇ¨ quality industry can survive. We actively encourage the tea farmers to cultivate their tea farms organically. Let Taiwan agriculture conforms to the production, ecological and living environments.